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TBG Sales and Service is proud to offer the following services (click one of the links below to scroll down faster):

Draught Beer System Maintenance Services

From cleaning your draught beer lines to monitoring and dispensing gas to your beer system, TBG Sales & Service Ltd will service your entire system, not just bits and pieces of it.

All it takes is one phone call to TBG and we’ll provide you with a custom, complete maintenance solution.  And we don’t just focus on fixing problems as they crop up – we provide preventative maintenance so your draught system is running in tip top order.

Here are a few of the services TBG provides:

  • Cleaning your draught beer system on a consistent schedule so the lines are sparkling clean
  • Maintain glycol in your chilling deck
  • Maintain and clean and repair your glass washer or dishwasher
  • Provide the required chemicals needed to run your machines
  • Check on the gas levels to ensure proper levels are maintained and supply cylinders as needed
  • Adjust temperature

Call TBG at 604.802.6972 to schedule your draught line cleaning or complete our online form for a quote.


Key Factors to Pouring the Best Draught Beer

It is possible to pour the perfect glass of draft beer every time, and TBG focuses on the following key factors to providing the absolute best beer, glass after glass:

Beer Glassware Care

It’s great to have clean draught lines, but you won’t be able to achieve the freshest beer if you serve it in a dirty glass.  The cleanest beer glasses are soil and smudge-free, and don’t have a foamy residue coating from a dishwasher or glass cleaner. TBG recommends you not wash your beer glasses with food dishes in the dishwasher. Glasses washed with food dishes can retain a coating of excess fat and oils that will interfere with achieving a proper head of foam.

Clean beer glasses should also be free of sanitizer smell from your glass cleaning system. For a perfectly clean beer glass, air-dry it upside down and don’t lay it on a towel as it will pick up lint and retain a chemical smell.

Preparing your beer glasses for serving

Although beer glasses should be wet with cool, filtered water to remove any residue before pouring, you should avoid freezing or frosting your glasses. Having your beer glasses too cold will cause the formation of ice crystals which will interfere with foaming while filling.

Maintaining the perfect Draught Beer temperature

Warm kegs produce foamy beer, so it’s important to maintain the ideal keg temperature before pouring. Ensure your keg is tapped the day after you receive it and your keg will be chilled to the perfect temperature of 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Balancing your draught beer system

Be sure to practice draught beer system cleaning every two weeks to maintain system cleanliness and the ideal quality of beer. A perfectly balanced system pours golden and light, not foamy.

We provide complete beer system maintenance.

Call TBG at 604.802.6972 to schedule your draught line cleaning or complete our online form for a quote.


Commitment to Quality Program

TBG Sales & Service Ltd welcomes pub, restaurant, or bar owners to join our Commitment to Quality program and apply for the TBG CLEAR stamp.

If you want a way to instantly show your clientele that your draught beer systems is cleaned, maintained, and ready to pour a premium product, the TBG Seal of Approval is your answer. As part of the program, TBGs Sales & Service Ltd will service every aspect of your draught system, from keg to glass care, bringing it up to and maintaining it at our exacting standards. [Learn more about our Commitment to Quality Program…]

Call TBG at 604.802.6972 to join our Commitment to Quality program and receive the TBG Seal of Approval or complete our online form.

Leasing, Repairs, & Services

Not matter what type of equipment you have behind your bar, TBG can provide you with service, cleaning, and repair.

Yes, we install your entire draught system, clean draught beer lines and provide you with the mixed gas required to dispense your beer, but TBG is also a certified CMA technician and we lease, service, and sell CMA dish machines and glass washers. We can also provide you with the required detergents and sanitizers to run your machines.

TBG can do the job of 3 different companies with just one phone call, saving you time and money. We’re happy to test your existing system and troubleshoot any issues you have, and if you need  on-the-spot repairs? We always keep a supply of in-stock parts with us on service calls.

Here are just a few of the issues we can troubleshoot:

  • Foaming Issues
  • Temperature Problems
  • Draft System Maintenance
  • Glasswasher Malfunctions
  • Dishwasher Malfunctions
  • Glycol Powerdeck Preventative Maintenance and Repairs
  • Air Cooled Remote System Upgrades & Repair
  • Gas Analysis

Call TBG at 604.802.6972 or complete our online form for a quote on leasing, repair, or services.


Equipment Supplies & Sales

Restaurant & Bar Design

Planning a new restaurant bar design? TBG can help you avoid having to discard potentially useable equipment due to poor bar layout. Because we provide complete behind-the-bar service, we know the proper placement and exactly how accessible your equipment needs to be for future use and service.

Commercial Detergents & Supply Sales

The best beer is poured straight into sparkling clean glasses with no chemical residue left on the glass. TBG supplies the best commercial detergents for glass washers and dishwashers available to ensure your glasses are clean, shiny, and ready to serve.

TBG carries a full line of commercial detergents and supplies these are just a few of the more popular products.  If there is something you are looking for that you do not see on this list, please contact us we probably carry it.

Dishmachine Detergents:

  • Liquid Machine Detergent
  • Dishwasher Rinse Aid
  • Sanitizer

Glasswasher Detergents:

  • Glasswasher Detergent
  • Sani Dine
  • Sanitizer

Cleaners/ Degreasers:

  • Grill Cleaner
  • Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • Citrus Cleaner
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Sanitizing HD Degreaser
  • Noriquat Sanitizer
  • Glass Plus

Need access to our MSDS sheets? Call us and we will email them to you. Need to order supplies? Visit our Equipment and Supplies page.

Call TBG at 604.802.6972 or complete our online form for a quote on Equipment and Supplies.