Equipment & Supplies

Every kitchen and bar is different, and each business owner has specific needs for equipment and supplies. That’s why TBG provides you with a complete, customized solution designed exactly for your unique layout.

Whether you need a left hand feed, right hand feed, corner machine, or pass through, TBG can help out.

We carry leading edge CMA dish machines, and believe the quality of CMA comes through in fantastic service, creative ideas, and innovative designs. We sell and lease CMA quality equipment including high-temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing dishwashers, glass washers, and warewashing equipment. Plus, we have the parts on hand to service them, so if you need an emergency repair, TBG will be ready.

For sales or leasing information, call TBG at 604.802.6972 or complete our online form for a quote.

CMA Dishmachines


  • Low Temperature under counter dishwasher
  • 30 racks / 120 covers per hour
  • Unique spray arm system
  • Built-in chemical pumps and deliming system
  • Convenient to Service “Works-in-a-drawer”
  • Pump purging system


  • Low temperature, chemical sanitizing commercial dishwasher
  • 40 racks / 160 covers per hour
  • Economical to operate
  • Pump purging system
  • Auto start/stop makes operation safe and easy
  • Specially designed pull-pins allow wash arms to be easily removed for cleaning

Draught Beer Systems

TBG installs complete draught beer systems and also can provide all the peripheral equipment required.

GCS/8210 Liquor Gun

TBG carries the GCS/8210 liquor gun that provides accuracy and fast pouring with no waste or spillage. The low maintenance and speed of this equipment combines to put more money in your pocket. Versatile portion controls and dispenses single or three pour sizes.
  • Each shot is securely recorded on a non-resettable counter: pour size adjust.

  • Flexibility and variety to the supply system can be applied providing service for one to six dispensing stations from supply system.

  • The Attractive design complements any decor.

  • Every drink served is counted and portion controlled.

  • All dispensers come with 3 pour sizes

  • Portion control liquor dispensor can control from 6 to 10 brands

  • 8 + 2 Portion and non-portion soda dispenser

  • LCD display to calibrate

  • Complete with transformer, hose hanger and 90 degree inlet fittings

  • Can be linked to a printer or PC or to an existing serial port

    • All stainless steel solenoids

    • Hose and handle assemblies

    • Transformers

    • Canadian Built circuit boards

    • Switch packs

    For sales or leasing information, call TBG at 604.802.6972 or [complete our online form…] for a quote.